Thursday, January 17, 2013

DO's and DONT's


*Don’t Store anything on your Desktop*
       The “Desktop” is typically not backed up, so if the computer crashes then anything on the desktop is lost. If you need easy access to a file or folder from your desktop then store the file/folder in an area that is backed up and Create a Short-cut to it and put the Short-cut on the Desktop, not the actual File

*Don’t Save Passwords|-ja6
        It is better that you input it every time. If you get any SpyWare
on your PC one of the two major things they do is look across your system
for any saved passwords, also means that if someone else is working at your
computer they wont have automatic access.

*Don’t Rely on E-mail*
        E-Mail, by its very name is Electronic Mail. Although it is almost
instant, like normal “snail mail” there are numerous reasons why it may not
be delivered to/from you in the time you expect and there is no guarantee
that it will arrive at all. Even if the E- Mail does arrive then there is
also no certainty that the recipient will action it immediately. They may be
out, in a meeting or just not checking, I know of people who don’t check there
e-mails for weeks. Like any letter, if the information on an E- Mail is so
important that you must have it then get the person to Fax or courier, and
in some cases even hand deliver/collect it.
*Don’t Install Anything*
           If you don’t know exactly what you are installing, on your computer,
then don’t install it. It may not be what it seems. Especially SpyWare cleaners,
they are more likely to infect you than clean.
*Don’t Leave it until its to Late*
            If you have a problem, then let us know, with suitable urgency on  repair.  Don’t wait until you really need the PC/Printer/Report/Email etc then call us and expect us to be there instantly to fix it. It wont  happen.

*Don’t leave your Backup copy with your system*
         Make sure any backups you take of your Data, is
kept somewhere else, in case your PC/Laptop is stolen or the “place burns down”.

 *Do Use Rules for E-mails*
        This will help sort and organise your emails so that you are able to more effectively deal with and file them.

*Do Install Windows and Anti-Virus/Anti SpyWare*
       If you are asked to install any Windows updates or Anti-Virus/SpyWare Updates please install them, so that your computer is protected with the most recent updates.

*Do Backup*
       Make sure that you either save your files in an area that is backed up or that you backup (copy to some other PC/Media) your files regularly, so that if there is a crash, or theft, you have current copies of your documents. For important documents and Photos take multiple copies.

*Do Shutdown properly*
       When you turn off your PC/Laptop please shut it down properly, try not to  just turn the power off. This will ensure that everything is saved and closed properly. Your PC will thank you for it.

*Golden Rule*
      If you don’t expect it, then don’t click it.

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